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Jimmy Hallford, Owner of Teardrops of Central Texas, is proud to offer GoLittleGuy trailers in Central and West Texas!  Manufactured in Sugarcreek, Ohio by skilled Amish craftsmen, each trailer is constructed with the highest quality of materials on the market.  Every Little Guy has a wide range of options and accessories for just about any outdoor enthusiast's needs.  From the power package, which allows you to have full power features whether your are camping at at park with electrical hook-up or out in the remote wilderness, to A/C and Heat to TV-DVD-Radios to tailgating set ups featuring a rear-mounted grill to teardrop350
camouflaged trailers to window shades to our custom side mount tent -- Little Guy has everything you can possibly imagine related to teardrop camping.  Little Guy Teardrop Camper trailers are easy to tow with virtually any vehicle and most importantly, they are practical, attractive, economical, affordable, and a whole lot of fun! Discover the excitement of owning a Little Guy Teardrop Camper Trailer.

See what it is like to really enjoy spending time with family and friends, without worry about the high fuel prices or repair work and maintenance that are involved in driving a motor home or towing an RV.


"The reason that I sell these trailers is because I like these trailers.  They are affordable, quality that are EASY and FUN!

With one of these trailers you can get up and go camping now.

Sincerely,   Jimmy Hallford "


209 Main Street, Brownwood TX